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A goal and habit discipline tool that offers complex tracking, predictions algorithms and psychology-based principles in order to facilitate ambition setting and achieving.​​​​​​​
Mental wellbeing through goal-setting process.​​​​​​​
Setting a goal or keeping a streak for a habit has an intense effect on brain chemistry. With every small achievement along the path to meeting our ambition, our body releases dopamine into the brain, creating a sense of pleasure. This chemical keeps us focused, motivated and highly improves our mood and mental wellbeing.
We’re setting you up for success with an easy to use tool.
Achieving an ambition is not an easy task! Research says that only 8% of people actually achieve their goals. Failing to meet your ambitions can set you back and have a toll on your wellbeing. We’ve built haatch to facilitate and support users in achieving their ambitions and increasing their chances of success
your kind.
The foundation for a great quality of life lies in the small positive changes you implement for yourself. That is why with haatch you can create a diverse range of tailored ambitions that can match your desired outcome. You can create goals with or without value, goals with milestones, and habits with highly customizable frequencies.
Trick your "this is hard" mental state by splitting your goals into smaller steps.
Working towards a goal can be overwhelming, especially when it holds a great deal of importance. With haatch you can split your most ambitious goals into easier, smaller and more manageable intermediate steps (milestones). By achieving smaller milestones your brain will know that you’re moving in the right direction and then you’ll keep on going.
Get a friend to keep you accountable.
Have an awesome friend of your choice to be on your side and encourage you for any of your ambitions. When you are accountable to someone, you engage the power of social expectations. Several studies on accountability show that you have a 65% increased chance of completing an ambition, just by committing to someone.
When things get tough, review your Motivational Why’s.
The path to achieving an ambition is never straightforward and you’ll have your ups and downs. By following a series of guiding questions, we encourage you to think deeper and clarify the importance and priority of the ambition you working towards. Whenever you feel like slowing down and you need a fresh dose of motivation, review your notes and get a boost of inspiration and motivation.
Embrace your better self! 
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