Take control of your life, you have the potential to create lasting positive changes in your life. Dream and achieve with haatch., a goal & habit discipline tool. 
Anyone who’s made a New Year’s Resolution knows just how difficult a lasting change can be. haatch. is your new buddy, gently nudging you back on track to achieve your goal or keep a good habit for yourself. 
Collecting wins, no matter how small, can chemically wire you to move mountains by causing a repeated release of dopamine. But to get going you have to land those first few successes and build momentum. This is where haatch. comes into place. 
Set personal ambitious goals, break them down into smaller, dopamine-friendly, actionable steps, see complex predictions including where you should be at, develop positive habits and witness a new, better version of yourself taking shape.

With haatch. you can (features):
Set and track HABITS
   * Set habits and start dates.
   * Visualize your progress in real time on the calendar, making it easier to keep a streak.
   * Restrictive by design, leaving you only an additional 24h to mark your habit as done, in order to keep you focused on developing an unbreakable streak as you intentionally can’t undo a marked habit.
   * Analyze your progress with in-depth stats and analytics for each habit on both weekly completion and overall completion.
   * View the entire history of your entries

Set and track GOALS
   * Set ambitious goals that have a specific value you need to reach (ex: Save $10k) 
   * Break them down into milestones with individual values and deadlines.
   * Set more general goals that don’t require a value (ex: Move to Spain)
   * Break these goals into smaller, easier to reach steps that you can simply mark as Done.
   * Visualize your long term progress and the “In focus” milestone.
   * Individually tailored statistics for each of your goals that offers you an overview of the entire “Overall completion” picture, as well as pace improvement values with “You should be at” feature.
   * Smart algorithm powered “Projections at current pace” that will show you estimated values, delays, or if you will finish your goal ahead of the deadline.

More features
   * Simplicity & minimalism in design for creating a better “in flow” experience.
   * Soften the weight of achieving a goal or keeping a hard habit with friendly and cute looking illustrations.
   * Dashboard view for a quick progress snapshot of all your goals and habits. 
   * Super streamlined process of creating a new ambition (habit or goal).
   * Positive Reinforcement Technique.

Setting a goal has an immediate, intense effect on brain chemistry. With every achievement along the path to meeting our goal. our body releases dopamine into our brains, creating a sense of pleasure. This chemical mood elevation keeps us focused and motivated. We physically feel good when we’re taking steps towards our goals.
haatch. is taking you by the hand and crosses this journey with you. It’s never easy to achieve big goals or create lasting positive changes, but by committing to action and keeping your ambitions on the ‘top of your mind, your subconscious mind will work to reach them and this increases the likelihood to get what you want. 
You will land your first few successes, and that’s when you will want to keep going. You have built momentum, your brain will want more of what got to your success in the first place and you will develop your willpower muscle. Willpower, unlike motivation, is dependable. You can build it up and once you do, you can rely on it to keep you going.

haatch. is a product of a small indie team of developers that believes in the transformative power of creating long lasting changes and achieving big ambitions. Here at haatch. we have struggled ourselves with being able to keep good habits and achieve goals, we’ve struggled with lack of motivation, procrastination and with disappointment if a goal hasn’t been reached in a short time frame and that made us want to quit, except we didn’t and that’s when things starting to happen and we got the hang of it. If we could do it, you can do it too!

We would love to hear from you! Feel free to reach us anytime at hello@haatch.app with any comments, feedback, feature request, bug report or just to say hi and tell us your story with achieving ambitions.​​​​​​​